Canon VB-H761LVE


Weather- and impact-resistant infrared bullet camera with a sensitive 1/3" Full HD CMOS sensor, fast auto focusing 20x optical zoom lens, 60m infrared range and multiple built-in analytics.



    • Powerful 20x optical zoom and fast, accurate auto focusing
    • Fully featured IR bullet camera for outstanding images any time of day or night
    • Built for all weather conditions and extreme temperatures down to -50°C
    • Clear IR View and built-in infrared LEDs for detailed black and white images
    • Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction and Area-Specific Data Size Reduction (ADSR) help reduce data size while optimising image quality
    • Built-in analytics functions for intelligent and efficient alarm detection
    • Live monitoring and configuration on supported web browsers and mobile devices
    • ONVIF® Profile S and Profile G compliant

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Stunning Full HD images

Capture stunning details in Full HD, even in low-light conditions, thanks to the VB-H761LVE's sensitive 1/3" CMOS sensor and fast auto focus 20x zoom lens. The VB-H761LVE combines high-quality optics with powerful image processing, while advanced in-built analytic profiles deliver sophisticated alarm detection to further enhance the camera's two-way audio and physical I/O capabilities.

Versatile surveillance with 20x optical zoom

The VB-H761LVE's 20x optical zoom makes it perfect for long-range surveillance and monitoring applications. When the optical zoom reaches its limit, Enhanced Digital Zoom substitutes low-resolution images with cropped images, extending the camera's magnification even further. Auto Smart Shade Control (SSC) and Haze Compensation enhance details when objects are in silhouette or obscured by fog or mist.

Long-range 60m infrared LEDs

Surveillance can continue around the clock, from bright daylight to virtual darkness. The VB-H761LVE's f/1.6-3.5 lens and Clear IR Mode technology captures outstanding levels of detail, but in zero-light conditions the built-in infrared LEDs provide crisper and more detailed mono images of subjects up to 60m away. This long-range IR performance combined with robust outdoor weather proofing make it a formidable network camera for any situation.

Low-temperature operation

From determined vandals to extreme weather, the VB-H761LVE is ready to perform. Rated for IK09 impact resistance and IP66 weather proofing, the camera is able to remain fully operational in temperatures as low as -50°C and as hot as 55°C. The camer

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Digic DV III
enhanced digital zoom
Optical 20x zoom
Full HD
All weather Model
Infrared Illumination
Auto SSC
Clear IR Mode
Intelligent Function
Simple Camera Setting
Digital PTZ
PoE plus
SD Card
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