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Four students in school uniform look at the rear display on a Canon camera ARTICLE

A glimpse into the possible

When the YPP team visited schools in West Cumbria, they were there to teach. But one week with 400 amazing students taught them the power of the future.

12 December 2019
A hand touches a reproduction of a piece of indigenous artwork. ARTICLE

Please do touch

Luxury eyewear designer, Alain Mikli has joined forces with the Musée Du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac and Océ to turn art into tactile experiences.

16 December 2019
A man, clearly working from home with a laptop on his lap, speaking on a mobile phone. ARTICLES

The connectivity compromise

Should IT professionals be fighting human nature or is there a way for everyone to enjoy the path of least resistance?

09 December 2019
A stethoscope on top of a pile of folders full of paper. ARTICLE

How can AI help? Reading the language of medicine

Canon Medical Research Europe is developing an algorithm that may help clinicians to faster diagnose suspected stroke patients.

05 December 2019
Dozens of different head and shoulders portraits of men and women ARTICLE

Deepfakes Divided: separating good tech from bad intent

Deepfakes are here to stay, but it’s not all bad news – where there is powerful tech, it’s not hard to find people putting it to positive use.

02 December 2019
'SMALL BUSINESS' spelled out in tiles on a desk next to a keyboard and pen. ARTICLE

Small businesses make a big difference

Leaflets, posters, newsletters and more. Print plays an important part in small communities, acting as the inclusive way to reach everyone.

28 November 2019
Three credit cards, overlapping. ARTICLE

The real price of counterfeit goods

If something appears too good to be true, then it probably is. We all want our budgets to go further but without risking our safety – or that of others.

25 November 2019
A knight’s chain-mailed torso and arm, with the handle of a sword and partial shield showing. ARTICLE

Game of Unknowns? What history can teach us about cyber security

Words of wisdom from throughout history hold the key to principles that can help to keep your company safe from cyber-attacks.

21 November 2019
Reproductions of Carel Fabritius’ ‘The Goldfinch’ ARTICLE

A bird with two tales

The parallels between the fictional and real-life journey of Fabritius’ ‘The Goldfinch’ are extraordinary and Océ’s replicas are helping to tell both tales.

18 November 2019
The badge of Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot, Al Worden. © Clive Booth ARTICLE

You can call me, Al

Clive Booth recently photographed his childhood hero, the Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden. Afterwards he wrote to Al, explaining how much it meant to him.

14 November 2019

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